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Monday, January 12, 2009


A Day in a Call Center | Call Center Gal

"Do you want to know how stressful it really is working in a call center? Watch this clip of a funny call center scene from the movie “Big Nothing” that starred David Schwimmer of “Friends” fame. You know him, he was Ross Geller the geek love interest of Jennifer Aniston."

A very funny movie clip.

it is great article.
it is great article. Thanks.
it is great article Thanks
It was funny but, from my personal experience i can say that working a call center will for sure case health problems..i have worked for 5 years daily night shifts and now a home worker, earning sufficient income! Hope people join a call center, if they fell they body stay fit in night shifts!
Though the video was funny..it has some to every one..I know how stressful its working in call centers..the night shifts..which our body and mind has never dome! But, thing is love the work and handle the pressure to re-leave stress! thanks
This is a world-class write-up!

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Working in call center companies help one's living better. It contributes to our daily expenses for it's really hard to seek jobs nowadays.
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