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Monday, January 12, 2009


Can Budget Cuts To Customer Service Survive in 2009 | Customer Experience 360

"One of the growing concerns of businesses in hard times is how to downsize but improve customer experience. Recent news of Sprint’s employee lay-offs and closing of customer call centers will require unique solutions for a company that prides itself on customer experience."


This is Pavan from Excelout Solutions.

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as progressive providers in integrated range of services across the US, UK & Australia. Our corporate office is here in India.

Excelout Solutions offers sales outsourcing solutions. Essentially, this means that we create an entire sales team and sales management program, including outsourcing specific product sales campaigns, or specific elements of a certain selling program.

Our Working strategies:

For Each Company We assign Consultant, who will study and manage the entire operation /Identity and look over the progress on daily basis and reevaluate the work progress on weekly basis. After screening the Company and there Demand, then we Provide the Project Accordingly. Efficient and Experienced Marketing Executives and Analysts generate fast and stable results beyond your expectation.

We have a tie-up with more than 100 top most call centers across the globe looking for the following campaigns.
1. Customer service Inbound
2. Technical Inbound
3. Telecom IInbound
4. Financial Inbound
5. E-Mail chat support
6. Order taking Inbound

We will get top most vendors according to the clients requirement and the criteria. If you know any client who want to outsource the inbound calls to the good quality call centers do let me know, i can find good vendors for them.

Thank You,

Warm Regards,

Pavan Kumar.T
Managing Partner
Excelout Solutions
+91 9985422742.
it is great article.
Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often...
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